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Annual Reports

To share an in-depth overview of our operations, we craft an annual report every academic year, showcasing our branch's year-in-review. 

Check it out to see how we're scaling impact across the globe!

Copy of Annual Report   2021-22-1.jpg

Annual Report 2021-22

In 2021-22, our global reach expanded with more than four international projects. Our digital presence grew, garnering over 400,000 impressions. We also saw over 1200 teams from 400+ from across the country compete in our flagship case competition. Explore further in our annual report.

In 2020-21, we expanded our project cycle to service clients across continents. Focusing on the SDG index, we were able to help our clients fulfil ten out of the 17 UN SDGs. On the other hand, we organised our first global case competition which saw participation from over 2000+ teams!

Know how the rest of our year went by reading the 2020-21 report!

180DC DTU Annual Report 2019-20.png

Annual Report 2019-20

The first year is critical for any organisation. From setting up processes to proving themselves among others, the branch shone through each challenge put fourth to it. From publishing the case competition handbook to substantial success to completing our first projects, the year marked the first steps to fulfilling our vision.


Read our first annual report to see our year in review!

Annual Report 2020-21

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