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Recruitment Roadmap 

Application Release & Infosession

Learn more about us, what we do, and what we look for. Meet us virtually (& on campus) in small groups and 1:1.

Group Assessments

All candidates are given a hypothetical case prompt in groups of 5 with defined line of questioning with senior students also subjected to a 30-minute research-based task

Coffee Chats (Invite Only)

Hang out with us over coffee & understand our value proposition in-depth while we get to know you and find out if we are a good fit for your journey.

Interviews (Invite Only)

Solve a case with us as we test your structured thinking & industry acumen in addition to determining organisational fit.

What are we looking for?

Dedicated & Motivated

We want students that take pride in their ideas and work, who are dedicated enough to execute them.

Curious Mind

We want people who are curious about a variety of topics.

Driven by impactful experiences

We seek those interested in creating lasting change in the world through the work that they do.

Member Testimonials
shristi - Shristi Mehrotra.jpg

Shristi Mehrotra

Consulting Director

"Throughout my journey, one thing has always been inspiring and a common thread among all the team members: a relentless zeal to help out socially conscious organisations. Being a part of the team since its inception, I can attest to the magnitude of work put into the fledgling stages of this organisation, from having a partnerships team working 24x7 towards onboarding new clients to maintaining a lively social media presence whilst launching several initiatives to inculcate a case-solving culture within the university."

Bhawini Picture - Bhawini Bhardwaj.jpg

Bhawini Bhardwaj

Project Lead

"180 DC is analogous to Exposure, Experience and Expertise! Being associated with the world’s largest student-led organization, you get to interact with national & international clients, work for sustainable projects, learn Business & Management Consulting and be a socially responsible individual. As a project lead, this unmatched amalgamation has helped me become a better manager and honed my leadership skills with the opportunities thrown my way!"

Me 2 - Samarth Bhatt.jpg

Samarth Bhatt


"I believe one of the best reasons to join student communities is so that an individual can interact with other bright minds across the campus & understand different approaches to the same problem-sets and thus improve their own perception. 180 DC has provided exactly that, from ideation meets to brainstorming impactful solutions to pressing issues, being part of 180 DC has not only helped improve my business acumen but also soft skills such as communication, leadership & teamwork"

  • How is 180 Degrees Consulting DTU different from other student run initiatives?
    180 Degrees Consulting is the largest student run consulting initiative, with over 170 branches across 42 countries. In addition to the global exposure, members of the branch get the opportunity to work with clients across geographies and create ground level impact in sectors such as Education, Humanitarian Aid & Sustainability. While working towards delivering impact-driven solutions, we also encourage our consultants to go beyond their client projects to utilise their knowledge and apply the learning in a competitive landscape as well, with our consultants winning over 30 podiums in case competitions in undergraduate and postgraduate schools across the country.
  • Who are eligible to apply?
    We encourage students from all courses and years studying in Delhi Technological University to apply. Over the years, we have realised that diversity in opinions and processes always leads to better outcome for clients as well as our team, hence we highly encourage educational diversity within the branch during our recruitment cycle.
  • Is there any minimum GPA requirement?
    There is no minimum GPA required to apply, however, GPA is one of the many parameters considered by the recruitment board while examining the applications.
  • If I have previously applied to 180 Degrees Consulting, am I still allowed to apply again?
    Definitely! We understand that the application process is competitive and that your circumstances may change in the future. Re-applying demonstrates continuous interest and we’re more than happy to give you a chance to put your best foot forward after a year of learning!
  • What if I've never practised a case interview before?
    If you have never practised a case interview, we would suggest you to practice it through resources available online or access the 180 Degrees Consulting DTU Casebook. We don't expect any candidate to master the skill of case solving, all we look forward to is how you explain your thought process and analyse the case. If you're looking to start somewhere, we'd definitely recommend this case interview guide by Bain & Company!
  • What is the weekly time commitment associated with being a consultant for 180 Degrees Consulting?
    A weekly time commitment of 7-10 hours is expected from our branch members which includes attending training sessions as well as working on client project work-streams.

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